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CALL FOR GENEROSITY AND COMPASSIONOPPORTUNITY FOR THE POOR (OFTP) is a non-profit charity project of humble beginning which is offering universalizing basic computer and Daily English classes free of tuition. Its goal is to offer the chance for the unfortunate to get jobs.

In effort to eliminate "ignorance of basic computer using" in the 21st century and universalize practice English for the poor, OFTP, founded by a group of Vietnamese Americans, has chosen Vietnam as the first experiment for “on-site training classes” at home and introduce this experience to kind-hearted people who have the same goal as ours.

Since March 2011 to date, OFTP has been granting monthly benefit to fourteen volunteer teachers in Vietnam. Most of those classes are in the suburbs and countryside areas.

We need the support of all those who have the same interest as we do by helping us to afford this humanitarian program in coming days.

The OPPORTUNITY FOR THE POOR (OFTP) currently does not have enough budgets to meet this demand. For this purpose to be done, we strongly call for the generosity of wealthy benefactors spending time or giving donations, for example, just some dollars per month, by meeting the urgent needs of the poor with a cost-effective approach of getting a normal life.

OPPORTUNITY FOR THE POOR ensures that more of your contribution reaches directly the underprivileged.

All sponsorship and donations make check payable to OPPORTUNITY FOR THE POOR at the following address:

1545 W. Katella Avenue

Anaheim, CA 92802 – 2716


727 Bennington Street

East Boston, MA 02128

So far, on behalf of all OFTP members we would like to thank benefactors having been sponsored for the project OFTP.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at 714 928 9952 and 714 928 9905

Public Relations:

Ms. Joann Tran (714 928 9952)

Mr. Sonny Lee (857 225 4950)


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The voice of social network

Tuesday, 29 January 2013 19:50
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Facebook has become the Congress of Human Being in 21st century …

Where everyone has the right to express whatever …

Era of respecting different views and convictions … (OFTP – Anaheim)





We called it – A gesture of humanity and compassion

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 16:49
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OPPORTUNITY FOR THE POOR said “Thank you Lawyer Al Hoang, City Council Member of Houston.”

Quote from his letter:

July 23, 2012

Dear Opportunity For The Poor:

As City of Houston's Councilman, I have learned about the good deeds of your non-profit organization servicing the poor and those who are in need, I am very touched. Your organization has opened the door of hope for many people, and that is the reason why today I write in support of your work. You are the channel of love for the less fortunate ones, I ask that those who are more fortunate to contribute their time and finance to Opportunity For The Poor transforming this organization to be a charitable harbor for all.

May God bless you and your good deeds.

Best regards,CM Al Hoang

Ends quote – by OFTP